Who We Are

About our Crematorium

Family’s Choice Cremation, Inc is part of the A Simple Cremation network of reputable, independent funeral professionals across North America who are listening and responding to the evolving wishes of consumers. We offer more practical and less complicated customization cremation and memorialization options to meet your final wishes or those of your loved one.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated and supportive staff take pride in doing our absolute best to ensure your needs are met. We are here for you.

Cathie is a fourth generation funeral director/embalmer. She learned from her grandfather and continues the Smith Family tradition, while moving things forward and keeping up with the latest trends and ideas about funeral service. Her parents met in Newport, while her mom, Rosemary (Smith) Alden was in nursing school and her father James Alden was in Officers Training at the Newport Navy Base. After a short courtship they were married and Rosemary followed Jim around the globe, with a son being born in Long Beach, CA…

Brian is a dedicated and compassionate Funeral Director and Funeral Preplanning Specialist, with comprehensive and expansive expertise directing all aspects of funeral service. He joins our team as a Funeral Director, as well as the Director of Advance Planning. As the Director of Advance Planning, Brian provides families with compassionate guidance to preplan their funeral service in advance. This alleviates doubt about their desired wishes and lessens the burden on their loved ones, allowing for a more peaceful grief experience…